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Ever since I moved eastward from Sacramento, California in 1970, I’ve been confronted with a yearly challenge: winter!

Winter in Sacramento can be described, at worst, as minimal:

  1. Minimally cold (mid-30s would be a cold winter).
  2. No snow (a few snowflakes once in the fifteen years I lived there).
  3. No sleet (but fog was pea-soup thick).

In Missouri, winter can be described as:

  1. Cold, although this year, so far, it has been positively delightful, compared to past winters, except for one short blizzard and one week of really cold, but not below zero, temperature.
  2. Blizzardy from time to time.
  3. Ice storms, a little less frequent than blizzards.
  4. Snow, snow, snow, although this year, except for the one short-lived blizzard, has been really nice, a virtual heat wave, comparatively.
  5. Slippery roads from time to time, made worse by having to drive on them throughout the night when they’re at their worse.
  6. Fog here too, although generally not pea-soup thick, but sometimes.

Still, there is hope beyond winter, and this winter has been particularly hopeful. So far.

(Regarding the photo: I told you I liked reflections.)

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5 responses to “Winter Fantasy

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  1. Beautiful!

    • Thank you. I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately, there will be no more reflections on that pond, as the owners have cut down all the trees. 😦

  2. That is one beautiful Winter Fantasy. Where it leads, I bet it’s going to be amazing.

  3. peaceful and cold! and the reflection is surreal.

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