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Old barns are among my favorite things to photograph, the more dilapidated, the more I like them. Sometimes my photographs are the last ones taken before the barn either falls down or is taken down. I view them as pieces of history.

I also like to photograph pretty much anything that is old, rundown or not.

This particular barn I caught just at that magical hour as the sun was coming up. You can see how that time of day creates a magical aura of sorts with the reds.

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15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready to Collapse

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  1. I’m drawn to old barns and dilapidated buildings too.

  2. Exceptional photo … the clarity, color and compossion are outstanding.
    The autumn colors are captivating.
    Well done ….

    • Thank you, Isadora.

      Surprisingly, the shot was taken this past Jan. 27.

      What made the “autumn colors” so fabulous was the the photo was taken at just the right time in the morning, the “golden hour”, as the sun is low in the sky. There is also a golden hour when the sun is low in the west, just before sunset.

      BTW, I liked your explanation of your “Ready” photograph on your blog. Nice fit.

  3. You really captured the moment here Cris. Thank you for your lovely comments and for the visit to my blog. You are too kind. 🙂

  4. Marvelous for this theme!!!

    • Well, thank you! I don’t usually take this route home from work. I love old barns (old things in general) and the lighting was just right. And then this week’s theme. What synchronicity. 😮

  5. Love this picture, ready to enjoy, well captured..;)

  6. It definitely looks ready to collapse… It works for this week’s Daily Post photo challenge of Ready. 😉

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