Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret 2 (Old Store Front)   18 comments

©2011 Cris Coleman

Creative Commons License
Old Store Front by Cris Coleman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

I stand alone,
The last of its kind,
A memory,
No more than that,
No more Moms and Pops,
A victim of Wal-Mart

18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret 2 (Old Store Front)

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  1. Sadly, a growing event… 😦

  2. Great entry for this week Theme

  3. Ain’t that the truth..

    • That is a hilarious video. However, the entire last minute was shameless promotion, the kind I frequently do on occasion, sometimes. Well, not quite THAT shameless, though, really. It definitely brought out the smile brigade. Thanks for sharing.

  4. compare old store fronts caught by my friend in Vienna:


    • It’s hard to tell how old a building is here once it is abandoned, as the humidity hastens a building’s deterioration.

      I would say your friend’s old store fronts are probably older than mine and better maintained. 🙂

  5. very old …

  6. How true it is.

  7. Old abandoned buildings here, either get pulled down or big fences get put up around them…

    • There’s a lot of old buildings in the Midwest. Some of them also get torn down. In Utah, where I used to live, the only things that got fences around them were gated communities and abandoned old mine openings. 🙂

  8. Cris’l, since I moved my camera’s missing or hiding rather. Is that the photo challenge you are referring to? Missing you.

    • You can easily find your camera, if you haven’t found it by now. Just make a couple of “witching rods” and let them guide you to it. I actually found two missing items that way, but not a third. The third missing item just seemed to disappear, as it just fell off my mattress onto the floor. No amount of looking helped. I think it fell into another dimension or universe. By the way, those two finds of lost items were the first two successes I’ve ever had with “witching rods”. If your camera hasn’t found its way into another dimension or universe, you’ll find it. Besides, you’re very psychic, so you should have no trouble finding it.

      This particular photo is my entry to this week’s photo challenge, yes. That’s why the title of it says, “Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret 2”. ;o

      Click on follow and you’ll get every photo I post in the f-stop fantasy photo blog. You’ll never have to leave your computer. HaHaHa!

      Couldn’t be missing me too much. You’re getting married, after all. LOL
      But, yeah, you’re missed as well . . . even if I never DID get a word in edgewise. 🙂

  9. what a wonderful building. . . let’s start a business there. The bush in front is just like when a lovely woman’s bangs have grown too long and brush across her face, hiding part of it’s beauty.

    • What a wonderful post. What kind of a business would you like to start in a tiny rural community?

      To me, it is a thing of beauty, bangs or no bangs. The trees just give it a little personality. I also like the little shapey thingies at the top of the photo. Notice the wide-eyed look it gave me as I snapped the photo?

      This photo was taken down the road a bit from the barn I took some photos of that wound up in the first photo challenge, second edition, “In Between” at https://fstopfantasy.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/in-between/

      • Monkey Business, of course. Every small town needs one. It could be a fun place to go to “UN-GET” AWAY from it all. Since small towns need more excitement, it could be a place one could virtually pretend they are in whatever big city they want or crowd they want to be thronged by.

        an advanced sound and taste life-sized video game. Don’t laugh. . .it will be the thing of the future.

  10. 🙂

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