Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Ant Hills   24 comments

While returning from photographing a sunrise through some trees and over a pond, I came across these unusual tiny (presumably) ant hills. I thought I’d share them with you for this week’s photo challenge.

©2012 Cris Coleman

©2012 Cris Coleman

©2012 Cris Coleman

©2012 Cris Coleman

©2012 Cris Coleman

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24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual Ant Hills

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  1. did you see any ants? Or termites?

    • Nothing. These were on the side of a gravel road. Since then, I’ve seen a few of them appear in my yard. I’ve not yet seen any ants outside, although I have found a few explorers on the inside. No infestations, knock on wood. 🙂

  2. Pretty impressive and creative too… Ants rock! 🙂

  3. Such industrious little critters, and so creative!

  4. very cool

  5. Very cool and unusual.

    • Thank you, Jeff. These challenges open up new vistas. Thanks for dropping by.

      • One of the things I like about the weekly challenge. I get to look at older photos with fresh eyes, as well as get ideas for new photographs. I’ve made a few new photos just for the challenges, and found hidden treasure, long forgotten, hiding on my hard drive as well.

        • Ditto. Many of my earlier challenge photos were gleaned from some old photos I had salvaged from flickr. I lost all my other old photos when a grab-and-pay virus took over my computer. I had to do a destructive restore to get my computer back. Lost everything. Didn’t want to pay to get my computer back. That’s all I needed to do — give my VISA card number to a hacker-thief. I hadn’t heard of that kind of virus before. I didn’t realize it was a virus until I read of just that kind of virus later on. So, now, I back everything up on an external hard drive, as well as a number of flash drives.

  6. Very unusual. Great post.

    Northern Narratives
  7. Nice little crop of dandelions too?! That would be unusual for us because the ground is still frozen and nothing is coming up yet.

    • We’ve been pretty fortunate in NW MO, having had a very mild winter with more rain than snow, thankfully. I’ve already noticed a number of trees in full blossoms, at least one of them already shedding its blossoms. I’ve seen cardinals for over a week, even a blue jay. No robins yet. A beautiful time of year.

  8. Very unusual and very well captured..nice collection..;)

    • Thanks, cobbies69. I practically stumbled upon them—literally.

      Look up, look down, look over here, look over there, look around, and what do you see? Photography everywhere! Go get ’em! 🙂

  9. Chris, love the round one. With the tiny blades of grass above it, it reminds me of a Christmas wreathe. Lucky you, finding the Unusual. I am struggling with this one. Nice work.

    • Yes, it reminded me of a Christmas wreath, too. To tell you the truth, I almost passed these little hills by, all the while looking for something unusual. LOL You just never know.

  10. how fascinating is this! thanks for sharing

  11. Very interesting! Lovely shots! 🙂

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