A Look Back in Time: May Day 1941   2 comments

For something different, I thought I’d share some photographs that came my way of a May Day Pageant in Siloam, a small town in Greene County, Georgia, May 1941.

All photographs were taken by Farm Security Administration photographer Jack Delano and are courtesy of the Library of Congress. They have been altered to increase the contrast, which was very dull (i.e., dark and flat) in the originals. I also increased the sharpness slightly.

Click on the photographs to see a larger view. Enjoy!

Little Butterflies


May Pole

Parking Lot

The Pause That Refreshes

Spoon Races

More Spoon Races

Making Stew

Making Barbecue

Chow Time

Dressing up the Food


In the School House

More Grandmas

All Girls Choir

More All Girls Choir

Standing Around

The Promenade

More Little Butterflies

Ummm, not sure

More Royalty

Play Acting?

More not sure

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2 responses to “A Look Back in Time: May Day 1941

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  1. The Pause That Refreshes. Are those old coke bottles?
    I love the May Pole and the Parking Lot, don’t ask me why. And look at the man with the umbrella in I think it’s The Spoon Race. What would he think of the hot sun today?!
    Great stuff, Cris. Thanks.

    • Thanks, fab! My thought was that those are old coke bottles, say 1941, the year of the May Day celebration. I missed the umbrella. I’ll have to check that out. I imagine they had some pretty hot suns back then, especially in Georgia, where it is likely even more humid than, say, where I live in Missouri.

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