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Two-Face, the Lone Ranger & Silver

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

Mama Can

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

Papa Won’t

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

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21 responses to “A is for . . . Art

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  1. Great figures… And sad that stuff like this is disappearing.

    • Thank you. That’s one reason I like to take photos of a lot of barns and other old farm buildings. Some of them have disappeared since taking photos of them.

      • Indeed, I have a number of images of places that now exist only in my mind and my photos…. an old mine, a railway station to name two…

        • That’s one thing I miss about Utah. There are tons of old mines there and I used to love knocking about them, but at the time I didn’t think about taking photos of them. Now I’m a thousand miles+ away and there’s nothing in Missouri like that. I’d love to get back there again, only this time with my camera.

  2. Love these…. esp Mum can really see her looking out….

  3. Those Can people definitely have a life when no one is around to see. Brilliant.

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  5. Thanks for the grins! 🙂
    Very funny and great shots!

  6. you made me smile with the Lone Ranger riding a tough horse!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I was just out driving one day looking for something interesting to take photos of. This isn’t something you run across every day, I think. A real piece of Americana.

  7. Interesting post – I was just looking over some potential shots I had taken at Swetsville Zoo in Fort Collins, CO – which has similar types of sculptures.

    • Thanks. I love stuff like this when I can find it. It’s so part of an Americana that is being lost, swept under the proverbial rug by BigAg and BigCorp. I want to preserve it and share it with as many people as I can. Some things I’ve taken photos of are either no longer there or exist in piles of rubble.

      • Good for you – part of why I do what I do with my abandoned shots – preservation of sorts. Not sure if Swetsville is still in operation as it was being taken over by BigAg and city sprawl.

        • Plus, I just like old stuff. 🙂 Now that I’m retired, I need to get off my lazy butt and get out there and just drive around. I enjoy doing that but not in these weather. I absolutely hate the cold and snow.

  8. Silly structures! And I just watched The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp the other day!

    • Silly structures? Yet, they’re a part of Americana that few people will ever see. I’m all about Americana. That’s one reason I love taking photos of old barns, abandoned farm houses and other farm-related objects. It’s a part of America that is fast going by the wayside and rotting away.

      I, too, just watched The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp just over a week ago. Talk about silly. Yet, it was very entertaining, if nothing like the original radio and TV series.

      Thanks for dropping by and liking and commenting.

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