B . . . Is For Barn   23 comments

Lonely and forlorn am I,
No longer used I am,
Empty except for mice
And other little critters;
But still I stand proud.

Though somewhat less
Than once I was,
Still reaching skyward,
Ready to receive
The hay in my loft
That will never come;
But still I stand proud.

Left alone and abandoned,
Still I understand
That time goes on
And so do people,
Yet I must stay;
But still I stand proud.

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

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Posted January 14, 2014 by Cris in Americana, Cris Coleman, Missouri, Photography, Photos, Pictures, Remember

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23 responses to “B . . . Is For Barn

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  1. “Still I understand…” Nice job, Cris. Great barn. Character. 😉

  2. Great barn, I love places that look like they’ve seen a few things and there certainly is beauty in decay….

    • Thank you. I agree with you. And photographs are the only way to preserve these lost pieces of Americana, especially since so many of them are either falling down or have been destroyed.

      • Too true. I’m glad I have images of places long gone in the UK, such as Cwmystwyth mine and Ilfracombe station. But I do still have moments of wishing I had taken more images at the time! Will have to do some more abandoned posts soon!

  3. I would like to live in a barn like a loft, playing guitar there, inviting friends …

    • That reminds me of the ’60s—Haigh-Ashbury and all that. I’ve seen a lot of photos of people sitting around in parks and on sidewalks doing just that—playing guitar, basic minimalistic living.

      I’ve been living minimalistic for some time now and am ready to move on. LOL

  4. I really like this…barns are such an amazing subject!

    • Thank you. I couldn’t agree with you more. In my table of contents, you’ll find a few more barn photos posted. 🙂 (Nothing like a little self-promotion.) 🙂

  5. I like it Chris you have captured the feeling of the old barn in your words and photo

  6. Old buildings in decay can actually be very beautiful!

    • I agree. They have a lot more character than modern buildings, as far as I’m concerned. That’s one reason I like to take photos of them, that, and to preserve them for when they fall down or are torn down. Thanks for stopping by. I have more barns on site and more to come…..eventually. 🙂

      • Sorry I’m late answering your comment. Things happened here. I got a new job… got all exited and not room in my head for other thoughts. 😉
        I will surely visit you again and see both barns and other pictures. 😀

        • Thank you. Congrats on the new job. I hope you will enjoy it. If it’s fun, it’s not work—at least, that’s what “they” say. 🙂 I have lots of photographs, although not as many as some, but you’re always welcome back. I love hearing from my visitors.

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