Old farm house and a flickr update   28 comments

This is an old what looks to me to be a farm house, although it’s an oddly shaped one—perfectly square. I could, of course, be wrong, not having gone inside it. I don’t tend to climb over barbed wire fences. They’re up there for some reason, and I’m not willing to tangle with them in order to find out why. I’d just as soon not wind up with a load of buckshot in my rear or worse places.

While I’m on the subject of old farm houses, I just remembered that I have a flickr photostream called Barns! Barns! Barns! I haven’t been there since somewhere around last July or August. I had basically forgotten about it.

It’s a site where people can upload their own photographs of old barns and farm houses, as well as anything else old farm-related. At the time I was last there, I think there were two or three members and about six photographs, three of them mine.

I decided it was time I uploaded some more old barns, but when I got there, I was amazed that there are now 16 members and 92 photographs of old barns and farm houses! Only nine of the photographs are mine, including the three I just uploaded.

Anyone who loves old barns and old farm houses are welcome to come over and have a look. There are some nice ones there. I’m definitely going to have to go back there more often.

Here is the link to Barns! Barns! Barns! in flickr. So, here it is:

The End Is Near
©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

Creative Commons License
Old house in Daviess Co., MO by Cris Coleman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

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28 responses to “Old farm house and a flickr update

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  1. Had to browse through several posts…This reminds me of True Detective.

    • I have a particular interest in old farm houses and barns, preserving their memories before they are torn down or fall down. How does it remind you of True Detective, presumably the old magazine. Do they still print that?
      Thanks for stopping by and browsing. Most of my posts are fairly short for easy browsing. 🙂

      • I’m talking about the HBO-series True Detective with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey.

        • Ah, I don’t have HBO so wasn’t aware. I wasn’t aware there was such a program. Thank you for the clarification. What is it that reminded you of the program? Just curious. 🙂

          • It’s the vibe and the dilapidated structure. The series is shot in south and has this sepia tone on the film. The mood is also very dark.

          • Okay, thanks. I appreciate that. I’m not really sure what that square building once was—too many doors on one side, too many windows for such a small structure. I’ve never seen anything like it. Thanks for visiting and answering my silly questions. 🙂

  2. Oh, the stories this ol dbarn could tell. I can’t blame you for deciding to stay on the safe side of the fence.
    You’ve done a very good job of capturing it without taking the risk.

  3. These old farm buildings have such a desolate, mysterious and oh so photogenic stance. Great shot.

  4. Where’s me?

  5. The clouds in the background makes this shot…special. Nice work.

    S. Thomas Summers
    • Actually, it might be all clouds on the top on, which is likely why it is pretty much all white. Or it could have been just a really bright day, but I’m leaning toward the former, as I really don’t recall. Thanks for coming by and commenting. 🙂

  6. I live next to a barn. Honest. OH, by the way, I have a L O N G response to you about Balance over at Petals. I really tried hard to explain what you wanted to know. So, I hope you find it, and I hope it clears up the confusion (on my part). (((HUGS))) Amy

    This picture is good. Sad too. It’s seen better days, and I bet if it could speak, could tell many a story. 🙂

    • I’m about to check out your L O N G response now. You really didn’t need to do that. I was only messing with you. I do that a lot. But thanks.

      When I pass by all these old barns and farm houses, I sometimes wonder what tales they have to tell. If only I had a little time travel ESP, huh? 🙂

    • I’m having a hard time finding it. What did you call it?

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