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Downtown Altamont, MO is almost a ghost town, although the village itself sports a population of (I think) 209. Yet, the only business it has is a towing service, which has an old tired/retired gas pump out front. The village also has a post office that was almost retired by the USPS, but instead, it was relegated to a part-time service. It also has a fire department.

Altamont had a tire repair/sales business run out of someone’s home, but that has recently retired. If there are any other business goings-on, I am not aware of it.

These old doors were once part of (presumably) two thriving businesses located next to each other, kitty corner from the towing service. One was a grocery store. I am not sure what business the other door belonged to. If I remember correctly, DOOR #2 was the grocery stoer.

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What's behind door #1

What’s behind door #1

What's behind door #2

What’s behind door #2