Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Daviess County, MO Barn   2 comments


Old barns are one of my favorite things to take photographs of. They are what made America great—albeit the farmers had something to do with it. While this barn is still in use, there are so many relics that have fallen into disrepair and many have fallen to the ground. This particular barn is in Daviess County, Missour,

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You’re welcome to visit my Barns! Barns! Barns! photostream in flickr where you can register for free and upload your own photos of old barns, farm houses and other farm-related items. There are currently 501 members and over 3,000 photographs and growing. If you love barns, you’ll love this website!

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2 responses to “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Daviess County, MO Barn

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  1. Beautiful farm for this week’s challenge. 😀

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