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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument #2   23 comments

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, the word “monument” traces its origins back to the late thirteenth century, meaning

“a sepulchre,” from Old French monument “grave, tomb, monument,” and directly from Latin monumentum “a monument, memorial structure, statue; votive offering; tomb; memorial record,” literally “something that reminds,” from monere “to remind, warn” (see monitor (n.)). Sense of “structure or edifice to commemorate a notable person, action, or event” first attested c.1600.

The two featured monuments below were crafted by 37-year-old W.G. Sloan, a naturalized citizen, formerly of Canada, for Jonathan and Polly Tuggle. Here is what Cameron, Missouri’s official website says of these monuments:

Many of Sloan’s enduring monuments are notable. The 28-foot tall Tuggle Monuments in Packard Cemetery were manufactured in 1887 by Italian artisans in Vermont, shipped by rail to Cameron, and hauled to the cemetery in a log wagon pulled by a steam engine. Farmer Jonathan Tuggle’s will specified that $10,000 be spent for monuments for himself and his wife, Polly.

I must say that for a town of 9,933 (2010 census), these monuments are quite stupendous. I’ve lived most of my life in large, capital cities and I’ve never come across anything quite like these.

Tuggle must have been quite a farmer to have been able to set aside such a large fund for these monuments in the late 1800s. According to Dave Manual’s inflation calculator, $10,000 in 1887 would be equivalent to $243,902.44 in 2013. I can’t even begin to imagine spending that much money on a monument today. Can you?

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