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Chemtrail Anomaly   19 comments

There are a number of types of current, all related to the flow of something. For instance, there are river currents, electric currents, the flow of time (the number one definition in and air currents.

Below are two examples of air currents as related to chemtrails. (Contrails disperse after a very short distance and fade away, as they consist of water vapor.)

In the first photograph, we have quite an anomaly. The chemtrail shows an impossible shift in direction, or it may be that the plane suddenly changed directions, however unlikely. In the second photograph, we have more regular air current dispersals.

But back to the first photograph. This chemtrail, in both of its directions, is quite straight. It show very little air current deviation.

It’s hard for me to imagine any kind of air current that could accomplish such a feat. It’s also hard for me to imagine any kind of aircraft that could accomplish such a feat, except, perhaps, a UFO. However, UFOs, at least from the purported photographs I have seen, do not leave chemtrails.

If you have any ideas what could have caused such a course deviation, I’ve love to hear from you. And, no, I did not doctor up the photographs, except to darken it just enough to make the chemtrails a little more clear. I’m not that good.

Comments are welcome.

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©2014 Cris Coleman All rights reserved

©2014 Cris Coleman All rights reserved

©2014 Cris Coleman All rights reserved

©2014 Cris Coleman All rights reserved

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