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A Study in Contrast   4 comments

Here is a little piece of Smithfield Reservoir north of Kansas City, Missouri. I wanted to do this in black and white, which is something I don’t normally do, because color just didn’t do it for me. I beefed up the contrast 100 percent and cropped out the extraneous part of the photograph that I originally thought more highly of. I believe I sharpened it just a bit also. I hope you enjoy it.

Smithfield Reservoir, north of Kansas City, Missouri

Smithfield Reservoir, north of Kansas City, Missouri

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast (Trash Heap)   38 comments

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It doesn’t get more contrasty than this. I was out on the backroads of Missouri searching for places to photograph when I ran across this blight of a contrast to the surrounding area. Sad, it is, is it not?

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