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Weekly Photo Challenge: Jesse James Through the Looking Glass   27 comments

©2012 Cris Coleman

While this is technically not a “looking glass”, we are “looking” through a “glass” window at a photo of Jesse James. Why Jesse James?

Jesse, the famous outlaw who, with his brother, Frank, and gang, robbed a Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad train shortly after it departed from the small town of Winston, Missouri on July 15, 1881.

Jesse shot and killed someone he thought was in charge of a train that brought some Pinkerton agents to his mother’s house in 1875 the night that his little brother was killed. Jesse shot him in the back.

Frank, not to be outdone, shot and killed another man who apparently was attempting to stop Jesse from shooting his man. The mystery is why no one was ever found guilty of the killings.

The above photo of Jesse James is located in the railroad station in Winston. The station is now a museum. Although I’ve never seen anyone there, it does have railroad memorabilia inside.