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Weekly Photo Challenge: State of Mind (Trip to Oregon)   8 comments

Nothing like a visit to the most beautiful part of the United States, the northwest, to improve one’s state of mind. IRC friends from New Jersey, Utah and Oregon met for several days of beachcoming, crater viewing and get-together fun. I’d love to go back and relive those days, not only for the beauty and fun of it all, but because one of us has gone to the great divide and others are no longer together. But for all the sadness, the memories are priceless and forever.

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Marsha & Linda Crater Lake_edited-2

Over 40 years had past since the last time I had visited Crater Lake National Park. No hand-feeding of chipmunks on this trip, but plenty of hand-rubbing, as it was plenty cold. Still, the drive was beautiful and the lake was stunning.

Linda on pier-1_edited-2

Contemplation was the order of business during this post-sunset scenario at a place I can’t even remember where. It was still cold.


And this was the sunset that greeted us at this unknown place.

Brachen Ferns & Redwoods_edited-2

A brief stopover at Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park resulted in plenty of greenery. There were some mighty tall timber that day on our way to the Pacific Ocean.

Birds & Pacific Surf_edited-2

I was trying to get a shot of the waves breaking over this rock aways off shore when this darn flock of birds got in the way and ruined the whole thing. You can imagine how upset I was. The funny and sad part about it—I was. LOL Now I look at it and think to myself—wow! How cool.

Mt. Shasta_edited-2

The western United States has its own version of the Twin Towers in the twin volcanoes of Mt. Shasta, northern California. Fortunately, these twin towers are still there. I’d hate to think what would result if these two blew their tops.

This one didn't make it_edited-2

This photograph didn’t appear in the local newspaper, but one like it did, along with an article talking about our IRC get-together. What a time it was. It will always be remembered. I actually like this one better.

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