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The modern family is many things. Herein is love, relaxation, being comfortable in each other’s presence. Yet, here is wandering off in different directions, yet still maintaining a closeness bound by something greater than what technology can provide.

Later on we all went downstairs and watched Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger, a very unusual look at my childhood hero. Still, it was very entertaining and there were some exciting CGI chase scenes. Here is family.

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

©2013 Cris Coleman All Rights Reserved

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46 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Family (Modern Family)

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  2. Great moment! Everyone’s always so plugged in…

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  4. Thanks for stopping by. Have to admit that we’ve become a bit like your modern family. All evening during the wedding reception I kept texting my husband and sending him pictures of the event because he was too ill to attend.

    • Well, that’s kind of an emergency-type thing. I wouldn’t look down on that. He was probably very appreciative. It’s sad he wasn’t able to attend, though.

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  6. Getting everyone in the same room is a good thing. Great (modern) family. 🙂

    • Thanks. They pretty much got themselves in the same room all by themselves. The two brothers hadn’t seen each other in two years, the one living in Utah and the other in Missouri, about an hour twenty minutes from me. The one shot I regret NOT getting was the two of them sitting at the table, each with their laptops open while they were playing an online game together. I don’t know what was the matter with me, that I missed that shot. They were there a long time.

  7. really great shot – down to the cupcakes – and just grabs a piece of your family – but also a slice of our culture right now – simple but potent shot!

    • Thank you. I didn’t even notice the cupcakes, although I do recall where they were at on the table. I had about three of them. LOL Thanks for your comments and observations. 🙂

  8. Haha.. isn’t that just the way these days. Good capture Cris.

    • Thank you. Fortunately, at least they weren’t texting each other. They actually talk to each other. This was just one of those quiet moments after dinner and before watching Johnny Depp’s The Lone Ranger movie.

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  10. Looks like a good family evening. I have yet to see the Johnny Depp (love him) version of the Lone Ranger…have to do that soon. I also see that high chair hiding in the back corner there, that looks like a familiar item 🙂

  11. Ah yes. This looks very familiar. Definitely a modern family.

  12. ‘Wandering off in different directions, yet maintaining closeness’ describes the modern family well. I like it that way 🙂

    • Unfortunately, many modern families wander off in different directions and lose that closeness. It seems to be a sign of modern times where the so-called “me” generation has taken over and now runs our nation and the other nations of the earth. 😦 Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  13. One of the great joys for us is when my youngest son and his partner visit us for the weekend. We tend to retire to the kitchen and sit around the dining table just talking whilst we prepare dinner. Yes we keep in touch electronically but there’s nothing like face to face conversation.

    • Agreed. Both of my sons work in the computer industry and I am very proud of them. They’re both smarter than I am and I am proud of that, too. I would say that more talking goes on when dinner is being made, also, from what I have seen. It was great seeing them both together, as one lives in Utah and the other in Missouri. It was the first time they had seen each other in two years.

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  15. Cool family 🙂

  16. Good one!

  17. Oh yes that is so today… Are they texting each other…lol

    • No, the weren’t texting each other. They actually talk to each other. They were just off in their own little worlds at that particular moment. Later we all went downstairs and watched Johnny Depp’s Lone Ranger. 🙂

      Thank you. You’re awesome!

      • I was actually joking…. 🙂 What did you think of the movie?

        • I know you were just joking. 🙂 If anyone watches The Lone Ranger with the idea that it’s going to anything like the old TV and radio shows, they’ll be disappointed. But if anyone watches it with the idea that it’s going to be just a fun movie, they won’t be disappointed. Lots of laughs. A great CGI chase at the end. Johnny Depp was, well, Johnny Depp—probably the greatest actor of the day. At first, I didn’t want to see it because of the mockery that Depp made of Tonto. But in retrospect, the original Tonto was just as mockery as Depp was, just different. I thoroughly enjoyed the show, even though it wasn’t anything like the originals. 🙂

  18. A thoughtful sentiment, Cris. It is a good thing that the dining room table can still be the family gathering place. May you and your family enjoy the blessings of allegiance and Love now and into the eternities.

  19. This is clever, and we all do it…

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